Blended Learning Solution For Hybrid Teams

Dale Carnegie Singapore’s Blended Learning Solution

“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way”

– Dale Carnegie

To move closer to our goals, we need to identify the things that keep us from it. Here are the top 3 areas that have been identified where companies go wrong in learning and development:

1. Learning at the wrong time.
2. Learning the wrong things.
3. Quick to forget what was learned.

In addition, learning needs and styles vary. With hybrid teams working out of different locations, it has become even more important to have a flexible solution to address these challenges.

We have specially designed a mobile learning solution to complement your learning initiatives – so that you ensure that your teams can learn anywhere and anytime, with improved retention of what was learnt.

Our mobile app is designed to support interactivity, reinforce learning, and user completion. Its capability to customize learning communities by topics and to be integrated to Dale Carnegie’s programs ensures that you and your people are learning the right things at the right time.


Let us walk you through how you can integrate this to your learning journey. Request for a free demo.

Performance Change PathwayTM

The Dale Carnegie Design and Delivery Framework

Maximize your learning potential at your fingertips:

Learn anywhere anytime
Promotes interactivity
Integrative approach to supplement Dale Carnegie training solutions
Micro learning outside the classroom with trackable progress
Learning communities by topics
Redemption reward system
Blended Learning Journey & Interactive Online Journey
Before, during & post-workshop materials delivered through the app
Reinforces learning from in-person trainings
Allows learners to recap anytime anywhere
Accessibility after course completion
Fosters learning sustainment

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