Awareness that Leads to Effective Leadership Management

It pays to know your people well to help them grow.

Nurture them with the right coaching and skills training to enhance their thinking style, behavioural attributes, interest, and competencies.

As leaders, it is your job to help them be the right one for the job. As your Singapore skills training partner, it is our job to make it happen for you.

Determining the appropriate assessment tool based on your objectives is key to continuous improvement. Investing in employee development by understanding your people’s thinking style, behavioral attributes, interests, and competencies, combined with proper coaching and mentoring sessions and the right training programs is the path to business success.

Dale Carnegie offers assessments that focus on a range of competency areas which align to our courses and can be tailored to the learner’s professional development path.  Initiating the assessment process is easy and requires little time investment from employees.

Assess & Analyze

Gain insights around critical competencies and skill sets that will further drive performance improvement.

Generate Report

Generates a comprehensive report and multiple reports to understand learner’s strength and opportunities for improvements.

Plan Employee Development

  • Job match role transitioning individuals

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Assess high potentials for specific roles

  • Role specific assessment (e.g., sales training)

  • Identify gaps in leaders that need to be addressed

  • Tailor development plans to high potentials for coaching and mentoring.


Getting Started is Easy:

  • Reach out to your Dale Carnegie consultant
  • Determine the assessment to be used
  • Complete a Request Form that captures who will participate
  • Our assessment professionals do the rest!


Not sure which training programs are right for your team? Begin with the assessment process to help guide you through the key focus areas and the suggested course integration. Reach out to us for support.


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