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Learning is a journey, including learning what needs to be learned.

Navigating the next normal requires professionals to determine the challenges ahead.  Everyone and every organization has their own set of challenges, and there are commonalities in these challenges at the same time. Getting together to share each other’s best practices and openly asking questions help businesses improve.

Dale Carnegie of Singapore aims to support professionals and leaders of organizations to ensure that everyone keeps abreast of the skills to thrive in this quickly changing business landscape.

Develop Your Leadership Potential:
Stop Doing, Start Leading

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Leading is hard. The transition from an individual contributor to a leader is even harder. It’s time to take command.

About this Event

The shift in your mindset from team member to leader is a transformational one. It requires commitment, trust, and the right communication skills to engage your employees and hold them and yourself accountable for results.

What You’ll Learn

Learn what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s workplace. Understand how you will need to evolve from a top performer to an emerging leader. Apply proven human relations techniques that will motivate and empower your team.

Why you want to learn it

Build your foundational leadership and communication skills at the exact time you are confronted with new and challenging situations. Be ready to lead through change, take on new initiatives, and develop your team members into top performers.

How it will help you

Start the transformation! Developing Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading – Free Online Preview will introduce the tools, skills, and concepts that will help you transition out of the top performing employee role and into a top performing leader.


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