Once people land a job, they tend to think that learning comes to an end and everything they know about their industry is settled. On the contrary, learning is an on-going process and upgrading your skills is one of the best ways to become more successful in your career. Through the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP), managed by e2i, courses that utilize these learning opportunities are available, helping the modern employee gain more knowledge, reach their career goals, and become more adaptable.

Since most jobs are dynamic, it is essential for employees to be up-to-date with the trends and developments in their field. Employers look for candidates who pursue new skills as it is a necessity in most professions. So, here are five ways in which UTAP funding unlocks your full potential and helps you remain competitive in the market.

1. Increase self-confidence

Learning new skills improves how you feel about yourself as it helps you recognize your true capabilities. In turn, you are able tackle greater tasks and more challenges at work with an open and positive mind. Overall, employees who are confident in themselves and their skills are successful employees who contribute to the growth of the company.

2. Open new doors

Upgrading your skills gives employees a variety of career options. It opens new doors to better professional opportunities and allows you to transition easier if you plan to change your career path. Not only that, but gaining vital knowledge and specialized skills for the job you desire also makes you better equipped to compete in the market. Whether you want to explore a new expertise or enhance your current capabilities, upskilling plays an important role in your career.

3. Makes you an asset

No matter what career you choose, the fact remains that it is built on a foundation of learning. Therefore, a diversified skill set is certainly considered an asset to an organization. Willingness to learn and adaptability are also significant qualities employers look for. So, when they see these crucial traits in you plus up-to-date skills, it increases your chances of getting hired, because they know that you will bring more value to the company.

4. Increase income

When you develop and master your skills, your knowledge and experience are strengthened, leading to the possibility of increased income. With a profitable skill set, anything is possible, especially a better position with better pay.

5. Cost you less

We live in a time when learning opportunities are abundant, but one of the main challenges a learner usually encounters is the expensive rate of training courses. With the help of UTAP Funding, NTUC members can avail and enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year.

The purpose of the Union Training Assistance Programme is to boost the employment and employability of NTUC members that is why they make things easier for its members.  Learning is a life-long process and the more skills you upgrade, the better you do in life.

Unlock your full potential with us today! Sign up for a course and check out how you can avail the UTAP Funding.