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As a developer, Kimsia had cultivated a critical mindset essential to his profession. However, this extended to his human relations, making him skeptical about how the Dale Carnegie course can benefit him. Little did he know that the experience would challenge his perspective.

During the Dale Carnegie course, Kimsia’s confidence reached its lowest point. It was then that a classmate shared a surprising revelation. Kimsia’s simple act of saying goodbye and calling her by name after the first lesson had a profound impact on her. Her classmate almost quit the course but found inspiration in that moment. This unexpected feedback made Kimsia realize that they were there not just to learn specific techniques but to cultivate a positive attitude and mindfulness in their interactions with others.

Kimsia’s journey through the Dale Carnegie course, guided by one of Dale Carnegie Singapore’s exceptional trainer, Benson Lin, serves as a testament to the transformative power of positive connections and mindful interactions. Kimsia’s personal breakthrough highlights the importance of cultivating a positive attitude towards people and embracing the lessons of the course beyond specific techniques. We celebrate Kimsia’s growth and express gratitude to Dale Carnegie’s principle for creating an environment that nurtures such lasting transformations.

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