The prestigious Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement is awarded based on peer-voting. Peers elect the individual who best exemplifies the standards, qualities and consistent practice of the Human Relations Principles on which the program is based.

Meet Choon Kiat Cheok, Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement Winner        (Jan ‘22):

Dale Carnegie Singapore has interviewed Choon Kiat Cheok, the Highest Achievement Award Winner for the Dale Carnegie Course. He is a Coaching Executive and empowers people through self-defense and martial arts.

Can you share with our followers a little about yourself and the work that you do?

Empowering everyday people through self-defence and martial arts.

Can you share with our followers what was your initial vision and desired breakthroughs when you started the 12-week program?

Initially my goal was to increase confidence in communication at work, sales and team.


What progress did you make towards your desired breakthroughs?

Making personal commitment to consciously practice the principle taught in class.


What are some challenges that you encountered along the way?

The main challenge was getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, especially when applying the principles on people that dislike me or I dislike.


What helped you make progress towards / achieve your breakthroughs? What is your renewed vision?

Lesson 3: Act enthusiastic, and you will be enthusiastic (Jumping over the line)

This lesson was unforgettable, as doing something cheesy in an unfamiliar environment worked against my pride/ego.

This lesson taught me to give myself the permission to face challenges enthusiastically, which opens up a whole new perspective that I have been holding back.

Edmund (one of the trainers) challenged me to approach a co-worker of mine (which I dislike and she dislikes me as well) to use the principles on her.

It was highly uncomfortable, and I did it anyway. I approach her with a smile and complimented her on something positive she did at work.

This resulted an improvement of our relationship from cold war to talking terms now.

My renewed vision now is to apply the principles whenever I get the chance to in all areas of my life, and spread the awareness of how Dale Carnegie course has help me to my family, friends and community.


What were some of your biggest takeaways from the program?

The biggest take away is a mention above “act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic”

On top of them having professional and experience trainers to set relatable context for individuals to work on.

And awesome classmates who are willing to jump over the line with you! And we are not alone on the journey of continues improvement.


Many of our followers aspire to improve their relationships at work and personal lives. What advice would you give them?

 Give yourself the permission to work from off-balance to on balance emotionally and mentally; most people want to stay on balance as it is sucky.

Similar to self defence and martial arts, everyone wants to be cool looking hero, in real life most people die from not being able to convert back on balance.

Jump over the line! The “cool” stuff at the other side of the line

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