Presentation Skills Training

As we all welcome the new year, it is advantageous for the workforce and businesses to reflect on the events that took place in 2020 in order to advance and thrive. Every individual, industry, and institution had their fair share of challenges and unique stories from the previous year. Stories, particularly those that may be shared in presentations, are relatable and draw meaningful engagement.
So, how should companies start relevant conversations with their respective markets or audiences? What can employees do to upskill in terms of storytelling and how will this help them in the long run? And how can presentation skills training help these entities in delivering effective presentations whenever and wherever possible?
Read on to delve deep into the inner workings of meaningful storytelling and impactful presentations as necessary tools to become future-ready in today’s fast-evolving landscape.

The definition of meaningful storytelling
Storytelling is a powerful business tool and it is one of the factors that keeps brands and organizations relevant to society, or at least to their target market. Not only does it create a strong marketing strategy for companies, but it also helps individual presenters build better rapport with their audience. And if you take it a step further with meaningful storytelling, you set yourself apart from the rest.

Meaningful storytelling simply means putting more insights and impact into the stories you tell about yourself as a person or an institution, no matter what industry you’re in. And it is needed for both entities because this type of storytelling evokes emotions in whoever you’re speaking to. By acting on these evoked emotions, businesses are able to gain learnings that they can use as a competitive advantage and add differentiation to what they’re selling. Employees, on the other hand, are able to connect more deeply with others and create stronger work relationships. 

Your story, your impact
Stories create an immersive experience, which is why storytelling in presentations is an art. When planned and executed properly, meaningful presentations make an impact. This impact, in best cases, moves and compels your audience to take action.

Whether you’re presenting a particular product or your respective organization, this impact is deemed effective when the storytelling is meant to value the recipient over the sender. For example, if you were to present your pandemic story, talk about aspects that will resonate with the spectators, from the challenges to the current road to recovery.

With the right presentation training, associates will be taught how to relay meaningful stories effectively while enhancing their vocal delivery and their ability to create impactful moments during presentations.

The benefits of upskilling
To upgrade one’s presentation skills, or to upskill in general, is important because of this year’s economic disruption. The need for the workforce to develop and elevate their skill set is high, especially if you want to maintain a competitive advantage. Embarking on a presentation skills training can help you achieve this and sharpen your communication skills as well. Likewise, organizations must also establish upskilling efforts, such as presentation training, for their employees to successfully mobilize business continuity and contribute to long-term business sustainability.

Because at the end of the day, it is those who are able to keep up with the quickly evolving landscape and business demands, as well as share their impactful stories or valuable learnings from experiences that will thrive not only in 2021, but also in the years to come.
Looking for a high impact presentation skills training course? Fortunately, Dale Carnegie of Singapore can help you and your team plan and prepare effective presentations. Contact us today and we will gladly guide you into becoming future-ready.