Developing a Resilient Workforce:
How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this White Paper


Resilience refers to people’s ability to “bounce back” from adverse experiences and is characterized by the capacity to cope, recover and learn from them.

What you’ll learn with it


Research now suggests that – rather than being an innate trait that people have or don’t have – resilience is the result of a process that combines individual characteristics, behaviors and attitudes, and work-related environmental factors, many of which can be developed.

Why you need it


Resilience is associated with reduced stress, increased engagement and better performance. Creating a resilient organization that can successfully “bounce back” and grow from adverse experiences has become increasingly critical given the challenges we face today. For leaders who hope to accelerate performance and capitalize on change and uncertainty, it’s moved from highly desirable to absolutely crucial.

What you’ll do with it


This whitepaper provides a model and practical strategies for developing resilience in employees, teams and across an organization.

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How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity” white paper by clicking the download button above.

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