Creativity is Social

Dale Carnegie ASEAN

Newsletter Special Issue 2022

Benefits of this Newsletter 

Creativity and innovation are becoming critical in one’s success. Dale Carnegie ASEAN went across the region to gain insights from leaders on how they perceived creativity and what actions have enabled innovation.


 What You’ll Learn With It

Learn from top business leaders around the region. In this issue, hear from:

Patama Chantaruck 

Vice President for Indochina expansion and Managing Director – IBM Thailand
We incentivize great ideas. In 2018, in partnership with the
Linux Foundation and the United Nations, we started an
initiative to look for ideas to solve pressing issues around the

Gerald Margolis

Managing Director Philip Morris Trading (Thailand)
Creativity cannot happen in an environment that doesn’t support people. Leadership is about empowering others.

Huynh Huu Khang

CEO, FWD Vietnam
Innovation drives the insurance industry. It’s our aim to put together products that consumers understand easily.

Manh Hoang Vu. 

Deputy General Director Financial Institution
Bank MSB
Businesses that do not change with the times or circumstances might become irrelevant if they do not embrace innovation.

Shenton Sng

Vice President, Human Resources
There’s no distinction between who can or
cannot be creative. Creativity is innate to us since we were children. You can say that creativity is needed for survival.

Why You Need It

Get ideas and be inspired by your fellow leaders to achieve further breakthroughs in your business.

What You’ll Do With It

Explore best practices and incorporate what works in order to build a stronger team and organisation.

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