Tackling Complexity

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this Newsletter


This Newsletter summarizes how one of the global leaders in the semiconductor industry manages complexities. Take away insights on what have worked for them.

What you’ll learn with it


Learn how Rex Petersen, Intel Corporation’s postsilicon microprocessor debug lead, successfully managed his team across geographical locations and how you can manage such complexities in your organization as well.

Why you need it


The business landscape has evolved throughout the years, and it keeps on evolving to sustainably keep up with the demand. Recognizing the importance of building personal relationships and how investing in your employees can solve the challenges of the future will help you successfully tackle complexities.

What you’ll do with it


Pick up new insights that can help you evaluate the needs of your team, and how investing in your team and taking time to build personal relationships can result to success.

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