2023 Dale Carnegie ASEAN

Newsletter 1st Edition

Benefits of this Newsletter 

As we emerge from the pandemic, the companies that are well-positioned to thrive are those that have embraced digital transformation in the last decade. This includes those that have invested in the digitization of crucial business processes and developed workers’ digital capabilities.


 What You’ll Learn With It

Learn from top business leaders around the region. In this issue, hear from:

Mads Werner

CEO and co-Founder, Ecotek (Vietnam)

As we move further into 2023 and beyond, we will see that artificial intelligence (AI) will become more accessible than ever. We must then prepare for the inevitable changes to our business models and operations

Nik Mohd Alsyukreen

Managing Director, Futura Prima Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Loyalty and creating brand affinity are the key to forging meaningful and lasting bonds with our clients. Businesses must prioritize communication with customers. 

Remy Soh

Director, Business Process Outsourcing
Geodis Transport Thai Limited (Thailand)

Now that we have emerged from the scourge of Covid-19, it is even more important to look out for our team members’ mental well-being. 

Mandy Lai

Vice-President, HR Global Sites
Ultra Clean Technology (UCT) (Singapore)

Being able to pivot quickly as a team would be instrumental in good times as well as bad ones. During the pandemic, the various units in UCT did not work in silo. 

David Culmer Skelley

Founder, DJCoalition

Trang Vuong

Vietnam Office Director, DJCoalition

Chat GPT has hit the market and we can see that
artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced beyond doing
simple menial tasks. Certainly, all our businesses and jobs
will be affected by these advancements.

Why You Need It

Get ideas and be inspired by your fellow leaders to achieve further breakthroughs in your business.

What You’ll Do With It

Explore best practices and incorporate what works in order to build a stronger team and organisation.

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