Fostering Organizational Agility

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

 Benefits of this Newsletter


Get insights on how organizational agility can help you succeed in this rapidly changing and turbulent times. Discover tried and tested ideas that worked for Tesco Lotus which prepared them for uncertainties such asCovid19 and how they remain afloat and thriving.

What you’ll learn with it


Learn how Tesco Lotus observe and inspire agility in their organization from the CSuite to all levels. Find out how having a friendly, relaxed, and flexible environment support collaboration to meet common objectives.

Why you need it


Having experienced the impact of Covid19 to the economy, we learned that the processes put in place which worked well may suddenly be inadequate to sustain business operations in the occurrence of such events. We need to learn and develop a culture in our organization that enables everyone to quickly adapt and change to survive and succeed.

What you’ll do with it


Aspire to havea culture in your organization that is willing to try different thingsand is receptive to change to meet a common goal instead of individual KPIs.

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