Dale Carnegie ASEAN Newsletter Issue 2

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this Newsletter


We are presently living through an unprecedented crisis. Nations, economies, and communities all the world over are buckling under the strain imposed on them by the pandemic. It is of utmost importance that leaders of organizations act together to navigate and steer through the storm. The threat is real and existential. Sink or swim. The C-Suite must move together and in sync. Otherwise, the very survival of the business is in jeopardy. Speaking to industry leaders in the region, we will examine in this issue how to achieve greater synchrony within the C-Suite.

What you’ll learn with it

Learn from top business leaders around the region. In this issue, hear from:

Mr. Soo Kok Leng, Chairman of Capita Commercial Trust, on his experience turning around a crisis early on in his career to retain the company’s single largest customer

Mr. Tuan Ngyuen Thoc Anh, Vice-President of Duy Tan Plastics, on how his previous company managed to achieve a breakthrough 35% revenue growth in a single year after stagnating and declining over the previous 3 years

Mr. Naufal Mahfudz, Director at BPJamsostek (Indonesia’s Social Security agency), on how values help drive decision-making for them

Mr. Kasemsook Booncharoen, Vice-President at Tesco Lotus Thailand, on what his organisation does to keep flexible, innovative and agile in these times.

Why you need it

Get ideas and be inspired by your fellow leaders to achieve further breakthroughs in your business.

What you’ll do with it

Explore best practices and incorporate what works in order to build a stronger team and organisation.

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