Crystal Ball: Gazing into 2020 – Dale Carnegie ASEAN Newsletter 2020

Benefits of this White Paper


The market environment for 2020 has started off challenging for many businesses. Employees are being challenged to learn new skills and adapt quickly – in order to remain relevant in the ever-changing market.

In the first issue of Dale Carnegie ASEAN Newsletter 2020, we speak to top executives from strong companies in Asia such as CP Paper Corporation, Generali Life Insurance Thailand, to share with us on how we can rise up against the risks and challenges this year.

What you’ll learn with it


You will learn how leaders in different industries plan to navigate and overcome the challenges that 2020 might bring, gain ideas for your own organisation that you can implement.

Why you need it


This newsletter lets you look through the lens of business leaders, to effectively spot the risks and opportunities that 2020 brings, and advise on how best to rise up to this new year that promises more volatility and unpredictability than ever before.

What you’ll do with it


You and your team will learn to adapt faster and better towards the volatility of business landscapes across your industry, and be more agile to pivot towards solutions for challenges you may be facing this year.

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