Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this eBook

Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact is a guide that gives you powerful insight into your own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. Dale Carnegie espoused the ideas of creating meaningful professional relationships. But, while we are striving to engage positively, we also need to negotiate and disagree agreeably with our colleagues to get the most optimal results and outputs from them.
This communication skills white paper helps you avoid sour relationships during negotiations. It is designed to help you learn to disagree in an agreeable manner, assert yourself confidently and tactfully, and demonstrate an open and understanding attitude toward others. Think Mother Teresa!

What you’ll learn with it

You will take a 10-question assessment to determine if you have the necessary skills to effectively communicate with your co-workers and colleagues. Analyze ways to avoid unnecessary conflict and approach contentious situations calmly and confidently. Learn that giving others the “benefit of the doubt” works in your favor when it’s your turn to be in the hot seat, validating the theory of “what goes around comes around”!

Why you need it

You can’t climb the corporate ladder if you’re offending your colleagues along the way. Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact teaches you that solid business practices require tactful and thoughtful communication skills. If you have a confident and assertive personal style and remain flexible in difficult situations, you are much more likely to rise to the top.

What you’ll do with it

Communicating diplomatically is not limited to the business world. You should practice thoughtful communication skills with family, friends and even pets! People make mistakes. How you respond to those errors is telling.

You can download “Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact” ebook on the link above.

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