Change Management: Managing Change in the Digital Era

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this White Paper


What is Change Management? Introducing change to organizations will impact your processes, organizational structures, systems, or job roles. In some instances, introducing change will impact more than one, or all of these aspects. Change management is the discipline of managing how changes will impact these four aspects of your organization.,/p>

Change management has become more critical than ever to successful leadership, and while the goal remains the same – creating confident, positive and optimistic stakeholders with the skills and commitment to ensure new initiatives succeed – the accelerated pace and purpose of change, along with people’s emotional response to technological advances (especially AI) has added complexity to the challenge.

What you’ll learn with it

Dale Carnegie Training conducted in-depth interviews with leaders from finance, hospitality, manufacturing and transportation responsible for deploying AI within their organizations. What they shared about their own experiences provides insight into pitfalls to avoid and what leaders can do to ensure successful outcomes.

Why you need it

The goal of change management is no longer just getting through the next change initiative, but rather developing an agile and resilient workforce ready and equipped to embrace change with confidence and a positive attitude. The nature of today’s dynamic workplace requires both traditional and innovative approaches to achieving successful change implementation in the digital era.

What you’ll do with it

The five lessons for leaders that this whitepaper explores provide valuable insight into what impacts success with change initiatives related to the implementation of technology and what helps create change advocates.

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