Critical Thinking: The Essential Skill for Navigating the Future

Engaging & Retaining Empowered Employees

Benefits of this White Paper


Critical thinking is a disciplined way of thinking that can be applied to any topic or problem. It requires thinkers to actively improve the quality of their own thinking by deliberately managing the process – and it has become a highly valued skill.

What you’ll learn with it


Business leaders around the world view critical thinking skills as essential and expect them to have increasing importance for workplace success in the years ahead. This whitepaper discusses recent research, reasons critical thinking is becoming more highly valued, and the key skills involved in doing it well.

Why you need it


Our world is evolving at a mind-boggling pace. We are confronted with more data, information, and decisions than ever before. Success depends in large part on the ability to evaluate the credibility and accuracy of information, ask good questions about it, and decide what should be done in response to it – and that requires critical thinking.

What you’ll do with it


All humans think, but we often do so without consciously considering the act itself. It’s also quite common (and human) for our unmonitored thinking to suffer from misperception, bias, preconception and distortion. Raising the quality of our thinking can result in more effective problem-solving, creativity and rational decision-making, all of which have the potential to impact the quality of our lives.

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