Innovation: Transforming Ideas into Solutions

Innovation is vital to a company’s success and very survival. But sometimes, innovation is placed on the back burner while companies focus on optimizing current process and perfecting current products and services. Even when we know how important it is to be innovative, we can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Process is as important in innovation as it is in every other part of a company. The Innovation Process moves people through the steps necessary to turn vision into reality, and it can be applied anywhere innovation and improvement are needed. Having a defined process can also help us make proactive innovation a priority, so we are never scrambling to innovate reactively.

Class Format
2-hour workshop

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn that innovation is not a magical power, but rather a process that can be harnessed to move ideas from vision to reality. As part of this process, you’ll be able to create a safe environment in your organization where others can exchange ideas, leverage data, and look deeply into areas where innovation can proactively address business issues.

Why you want to learn it

Be seen as a true champion of new ideas as you become able to draw out the green light thinking of others, and use a process to enact changes big and small. You’ll also be able to spot innovation killers before they derail the process, keeping others on track and focused on the matter at hand. Every company needs to keep ahead of the curve, and you’ll be the one able to apply the improvements needed to stay one step ahead of your competition.

How it will help you

You’ll become better able to assess risk and weigh the benefits of new ideas. Others will see you as a more decisive decision-maker and influencer as you help accelerate your organization’s ability to bring new ideas to customers.

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