Goal Setting and Accountability

To create a culture of high performance, it's critical to instill in your team the importance of individual, team, and development goals. In this two-hour virtual session, participants work with a Dale Carnegie experienced instructor to learn how to build employee engagement that drives positive outcomes. You’ll discover best practices for holding individuals and teams accountable to the agreed upon goals.

Class Format
2-hour workshop

What you’ll learn

In this interactive experience, you will discuss the value of goal setting, and evaluate how to achieve those goals. In turn, you’ll learn tips for communicating the importance of development goals to your team in order to achieve strategic and personal objectives. Identify accountability tactics to help team members become outstanding performers.

Why you want to learn it

To improve someone’s performance, you have to first establish a goal. With a clear target to reach, a leader can properly evaluate both individual and team performance and guide them, more efficiently, to the finish line. By holding team members accountable and encouraging them along the way, a great leader collaborates with team members on goals that open to opportunities for growth.

How it will help you

Successful leaders take an active role in setting objectives and holding their people accountable, but they also give employees an opportunity to provide feedback to give them a sense of ownership, and the support in charting their course. Create a culture of development to keep sustain engagement and realize optimal results.

At the completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Communicate the importance of individual, team and development goals to achieve strategic objectives
  • Create a culture of performance to deliver excellence
  • Build employee engagement to ensure positive outcomes
  • Hold individuals and teams accountable to realize results


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