Getting Results Without Authority

In today’s complex business environment, there is a rising mix of situations where no single person is clearly "the boss." Getting results without authority includes gaining the cooperation of people and resources you don’t have direct power over. In this one-hour live online webinar, you learn to impact productivity and outcomes without the clout.

Class Format
2-hour workshop

What you’ll learn

Discover Dale Carnegie’s 12 principles that will help you to build cooperation with others, regardless of your position in an organization. Explore the most common people challenges leaders face in getting results when they lack authority. Learn to lead with accountability by understanding the critical role of trust, credibility, and respect.

Why you want to learn it

Between matrix organizations, flatter structures, contracting, and outsourcing, leadership success today depends on gaining the cooperation of people and resources you don’t have direct authority over. Savvy leaders triumph through influence and effective negotiation. They focus first on gaining respect and trust, and build from there through consistent action and support.

How it will help you

Workplaces are in a constantly evolving environment of change. Through increased trust, confidence and credibility, gain the willing cooperation of others when you need it most. Leverage opportunities to influence and drive change regardless of your job title

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