Dale Carnegie Course for Youths

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Empowering youths with critical life skills beyond academics: fostering self-confidence to shine among peers, building resilience to handle stress, nurturing perseverance to chase aspirations, and cultivating meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.

About the Class

3-Day in-person immersive experience

09.00 am to 05.00 pm

Suitable for aged 14 to 17 years old


Learning Outcomes

This course goes beyond communication training; it is a transformative journey that delves into diverse areas such as peer pressure and influence, independence and decision-making, emotional intelligence, resilience, relationship building and leadership. It aims to equip youths with a well-rounded skill set, enabling them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Confidence: The course instills confidence in communication, public speaking, and interpersonal skills, essential for youths navigating academics, social situations, and personal aspirations.

Effective Communication: It teaches powerful communication techniques, helping youths express themselves articulately, build rapport, and connect better with peers and mentors.

People Skills: The course develops essential interpersonal abilities crucial for navigating various social interactions and relationships. It encompasses fostering effective communication, empathy, active listening, teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership traits.

Leadership: Youth learn vital leadership skills, including problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution, preparing them for leadership roles in school, extracurricular activities, and later in life.

Stress Management: Techniques taught in the course aid in managing stress and handling pressure, crucial skills for youths juggling academics, social lives, and personal growth.

According to Dr. Daniel Goleman, a notable Harvard University professor and author of “EQ,” only a small portion—20%—of success is linked to professional expertise. The larger 80% is credited to attitudes and interpersonal skills. This underscores the importance of Dale Carnegie training, especially in helping young individual nurture a more confident and optimistic outlook towards life.

Here’s what the students of the

Dale Carnegie Course for Youths have to say

“I’ve transformed from feeling anxious about sharing my thoughts in new settings to confidently expressing my opinions and suggestions. I’ve also shifted from disinterest in others to embracing friendships. Now, I approach challenges with an optimistic mindset. Grateful to my (Dale Carnegie) teachers, seniors, and friends for empowering me to break through these barriers.”

– Wang ZC, International School, 14yo

“I was once highly opinionated and reluctant to consider my family’s viewpoints, often leading to arguments, especially with my brother. Thanks to the Dale Carnegie Course for Youths, I’ve learned to communicate more reasonably with them. Seeing my brother and me converse respectfully despite differing opinions, my mother felt the course was worth every penny!”

– Lu JN, Junior College

“Attending the Dale Carnegie Course for Youths at 15 gave me the confidence and skills to persuasively communicate with my parents using the Dale Carnegie principles. Previously, I insisted on doing things my way, demanding their respect for my choices. Post-program, I effectively addressed their concerns about a school activity, earning their complete support.”

– Xu RY, College Year 1

“At around 16, I attended the Dale Carnegie Course for Youths unaware of what it entailed, as recommended by my mom. It felt like a fun summer camp. The two most valuable takeaways were improved self-confidence and stress management. During a nerve-wracking interview for an engineering role, facing a senior panel and an unexpected question, I exude confidence and suggested improvised solutions. I secured the job, not because my answer was perfect, but because I demonstrated the ability to handle pressure and seek solutions—an aspect the senior manager said they sought.”

– IT Biz Sales

Additional Course Information

Course Pre-Requisite(s) and Requirements:
Course Pre-Requisite: Proficiency in English
Course Completion Requirement: Min. 80% attendance and coursework completion

Course Investment:
Investment SGD 1,831.20 (Inclusive of 9% GST)
Payment modes: Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer

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(Inclusive of 9% GST)

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