Coaching for Improved Performance

Accountability starts with clearly defined performance objectives. Good leaders measure individual and group contributions against those goals, working diligently to close the gaps. Holding others accountable to their goals provides opportunities for growth, learning, and ongoing motivation.

Class Format
2-hour workshop

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn to recognize traits and behaviors of an effective coach. Explore how to deliver constructive feedback and avoid common feedback barriers. With the help of a proven coaching process, you’ll be able to improve the performance of others, and create guidelines for measuring performance.

Why you want to learn it

Leaders need to produce results. One way of doing so is improving the performance of others. Setting measurable goals and holding others accountable for meeting those goals is the aim of a champion coach. Leaders who can effectively coach, differentiate themselves from others, and the results speak for themselves!

How it will help you

Coaching is a process. Knowing the steps and following them enable you to set goals, and then astutely lead others to achieve them. The process doesn’t end there, though, it’s an ongoing opportunity for you to lead others to maximize their potential.


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