Drive a team through change with the essential knowledge of change management through Success Strategy’s Managing Change and Leading a Team course preview.

This course preview will give you a first-hand experience on how this program will benefit you and your organisation to manage change. Influence and motivate your team through these times of change.

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Join us on 29 June 2022, Wednesday, from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM, to find out how Managing Change and Leading a Team can benefit you and your team.


Success Strategy’s Managing Change and Leading a Team, a WSQ funded program powered by Dale Carnegie, adopts a balanced approach for learners to acquire theoretical knowledge along with practical application. This enables the learner to develop the knowledge and skills that enhances resilience for self and team during, and after, the change process.


Changes happen every day. New projects and initiatives are launched in your business to improve productivity, increase profits, and strengthen your competitiveness. You could also be trying to implement technology, improve a system, or embark on an organisational change focused on customer experience. You and all of the people in the organisation are indeed the unifying factor in all of these changes for obtaining desired goals, which is why change management is essential.


The course also emphasises the importance of establishing, building and maintaining interpersonal relationships not just when communicating about change but also when managing resistance. There is a strong focus on coaching in navigating change.

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